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Client Registration

At YoungAce, our Team Members are just as valuable as our clients. By providing the best facilities and services through our Technology Arm, we try to keep them updated on the technology front. Maintaining accurate records of their clients is the biggest difficulty agents encounter because You can't always rely on your old diary, and keeping up with those Excel files is a hassle.

YoungAce Global introduces ‘’, an in-house universal client meeting portal. It is a platform where our team members can manage their meetings with clients. There is no more chaos because all the data is in one location. Agents may access customer data at any time, from any location, and maintain contact with every single customer. 

At YoungAce, maintaining a clutter-free client base is important. We also use this platform to update our clients about their updates of their bookings. It is a completely secure & transparent platform that let us serve our clients better. 

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