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YoungAce is working to create better solutions to enhance the Indian real estate market. At YoungAce, our executives aim to develop the most advanced technology to support our team members. YoungAce introduces "Genie," an in-house app for our sales representatives. It was created with the goal of enhancing sales force productivity and data management.

Genie is a user-friendly app with just a few clicks on your phone you can organize and plan all your daily work. Scheduling a client's meeting, and setting up timely callbacks are pieces of cake. Our team members can access the app anywhere at any time. Not only does it allow a management system, but Genie also works as an excellent channel for internal communication. It's simpler than using the previous techniques to distribute official messages and notifications.

With its advanced technologies and user design, Genie for YoungAce truly became a Genie and streamlined and facilitated our job. It is now way simpler to manage client databases, evaluate the performance of our sales team, and thank them for their efforts. We can better serve our clients thanks to the platform's absolute security and transparency.

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